Beautiful Botanicals!

May 17 2019 – My Carpe Diem Admin

Beautiful Botanicals!
Beautiful Botanicals!

Hey friends! It’s Henny back today, sharing my new set up for my Personal sized ring planner. This time I am using the beautiful new collection called "Simple Vintage Botanicals" . When I first saw this, I loved the designs and patterns on the papers, as well as throughout the collection! There are so many types of products that coordinat with this collection that you can play with.


For every set up I do I love to create/set up something that I will love as well as which I feel is functional for me. It's not about putting or using all the embellishments in one place. As I layer each gorgeous piece I am able to create such a beautiful view for each time I open my planner! 

I just love seeing these super simple front pockets filled with all of these beautiful butterflies I used from the collection. Hand sewn little hearts added to each butterfly add just the right touch!

The front dashboard is a one of a kind creation I've never designed before for my planner! I used one of the chipboard frames from the collection, and I thought to to myself this is something I can reuse over and over again even when I move my set up to another planner or use a different collection. 

First, I took a left over laminated pouch (you can also use any kind of clear film) and cut measured and cut off a piece according to the frame size (leave 0.5 inch on the left to punch holes for the planner), then I applied the glitter adhesive onto the film and then took another film, cut the length in the same size but shorter for the height, put it on the back side of the first film, taped both of them down together with clear tape. Once you have the both films taped, glue the edges to the frame and then apply to the film (glitter part facing up, the pocket film facing down/on the back). 

The purpose on having a clear/film pocket on the back of the frame is to be able to put anything you want in it and change it out with different inspirational words or  journal cards whenever you want to. You can even put a favorite photo of yours in there without having to glue it down. 

I just love, love botanicals prints on papers! So since we already have the beautiful print on this paper, I won't didn't have to do much else but created an envelope and used the left over parts of the beautiful print to make another slide pocket. I created the backside of the slide pocket with one of the Simple Basics papers and was able to use the rest of this paper for even more pockets. LOL

And who doesn't love to have lots of pockets in their planner! These pockets are more on the simple side and a secretarial type of pocket decorated with a few diecuts from the collection. You can store stickers, receipts, paperclips, anything you want to.

And here again another slide pocket from the other side of the second secretarial pocket. 

Here is my simple weekly spread using the stickers from the kit. Even though its simple it is still so stunning!

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you feel inspired by my set up.