Creating a Recipe Planner

November 08 2018 – My Carpe Diem Admin

Creating a Recipe Planner
Creating a Recipe Planner

Today we're sharing a 'throwback Thursday' post from last year when creative team member Kylie Kingham shared an amazing Recipe planner that our fans just loved!!

When I first saw the release of the new ‘Recipe’ themed planning goodies, I was a little bit excited. I must admit that I am no master chef. I find recipes and rip them out of a magazine, stuff them in a drawer for a later date. Yes, shocking I know. I had tried notebooks and cook books for my organisation but nothing worked right for me……Until now!

I chose to use my ‘Persimmon’ planner, the A5 Recipe Insert Set and the Recipe Sticker Tablet to set up my planner.

The Recipe Insert Set contains a wonderful set of dividers and dashboards as well as a pocket dashboard. It also contains recipe pages, as well as other meal planning and shopping list pages. It was when I first saw this pack that I very quickly realised that my planner could be customised to be so much more than just a ‘recipe book’. It opened the door to me thinking of how I could utilise it to be for meal planning, a health tracker as well as budget keeping!

Let’s take a look at how I set up my planner:

I also cut out some Simple Stories FREE Recipe Printables to include in my planner that co-ordinated perfectly. I do plan to use these on some page markers or more dashboards in the future.

For now though I love the element of fun they bring to my pockets!

Using one of the dashboards from the Insert Set, I added some more stickers as well as some of the typed text as a feature. The text stickers are always a hit with me. I use them everywhere!

I used washi tape down the border of the first divider from the Insert Set for a hint of colour. 

You will also see how I am layering stickers from the Sticker Tablet as tabs at the top and down the sides of my dividers. Not only does this provide a practical use but it’s decorative as well.

As you turn the page I have placed my pocket divider in next. I added some stickers as a banner.  I plan to store any scribbled recipes or tear outs I find, until I can get them written up in my planner. There are many uses this could have though.


Next, I want to show you how you can set up a section for meal planning. Weekly meal planning brings many benefits. Here are my 3 top pointers:

1) If you can plan that week ahead it helps save on time wondering what to have for dinner.

2) It is also great to help with your shopping budget and avoid over spending.

3) It is a great tool to aid in general good health and wellbeing.

Once you get into the routine of planning ahead it is so much easier to stay on track. Hey....we all crave Pizza......It's ok if you don't stick to it all the time!

I've added some stickers to the marker tabs, labeling this section as Menu planning.

Here is a little look at a weekly meal planning layout. I am using the vertical inserts that came in the 'Boxed Sets" of Reset Girl planners.  The box stickers from the sticker book are the perfect fit for these. I have also used the Carpe Diem number stickers for my dates.  You get SO MANY in each pack in a fab range of colours too.

So here you can see the first half of my week. Each day is neatly divided up into three for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Here is the second half of my week. I love the little ruled column to the right of this page for jotting my shopping list onto as I think of things. Below each day I have allowed space for my water intake and steps tracker. This is ideal if you are really trying to balance diet and exercise for overall wellbeing.

Next, I thought long and hard about how I was going to label each divider, and decided on Chicken, Meat, Dessert & Baking.  I really wanted to keep it easy, but you can customise your own to suit yourself!

I totally love these recipe sheets! As you can see, again I have used my typewriter to write up my recipes. My handwriting isn't the neatest.

The side tab of the recipe sheets is really handy also for adding in smaller details of your dish. You can mark in its difficulty and give it up to a 5 heart rating! It's also handy to add in any tips. For fun I also added a small photo on various recipe pages.

I hope you have enjoyed viewing the set up of my Recipe planning today, and it inspires you to create your own.