Get the most out of your HOME planner!

November 05 2019 – Amber Crowell

Get the most out of your HOME planner!
Get the most out of your HOME planner!

The new spiral bound Home planner is so versatile that you are bound to find ways to set it up to suit you best. Hi, it’s Cara here today with some tricks and hacks for you to really get the most out of your Home planner.

The first thing I did was to take the sticker sheets out. I cut off the holes on the side and they fit perfectly into the pocket in the front cover of the planner. 

I love the “house + love = home” so I decided to add a photo of our home here. It’s got a real scrapbook-y feel and I’ve decorated with the Simple Stories So Happy Together collection. Even though this photo is pretty neutral, I could add 4 very different seasonal photos as well. This would also be a great spot to add a home inventory of valuables and any larger renovation projects.

Next, I decided to use the calendar section as a perpetual calendar for all my birthday and events through out the year. I am also going to add tasks that need to get done during certain months, like planting flowers, changing out the seasonal clothes and Spring cleaning. I purposely didn’t add the days of the week or put the numbers the correct distance apart (see there’s over a week between 12 and 17) so that it won’t ever feel like an outdated calendar, but more like one that I could use year after year. I’ve decorated with the So Happy Together collection again and used the Numbers stickers tablet for the dates I did add. If you look closely at the 4, I’ve layered 2 stickers to give a shadow effect.

The ‘schedule’, ‘get it done!’ and ‘menu plan’ sections are great pages to use either in the planner or to tear them out and use elsewhere. You can add them to your daily planner (I'm using the Cream Dot TN with weekly inserts) by taping them in with washi or punching holes if you are in rings. You can laminate them to put next to your family calendar, your children’s rooms or your desk at work.

I’ve got a YouTube video highlighting some fantastic ways for you to use your Home planner to make it work best for you and today I have another video coming out with my process for the setup. You can check them both out on my channel here: Cara’s YouTube channel.


Happy planning! 



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