Have You Already Forgotten Your New Year's Resolutions?

January 05 2019 – My Carpe Diem Admin

Have You Already Forgotten Your New Year's Resolutions?
Have You Already Forgotten Your New Year's Resolutions?

Happy New Year! It’s Cara here today and I LOVE a fresh start and that’s why I love Mondays. I love that fresh new week, a blank slate, but the very first Monday of a new year? Wow, it’s like my birthday!! And so, I’m super excited for this coming Monday and this coming week.

I’m using the gorgeous Bloom collection today to pretty up my January planner and that very first full week of this year. These stickers are so pretty and feminine, which is a great way for me to get motivated to work towards my goals. I have both the regular sticker tablet and the mini one, which is a fabulous way to always have the right size sticker on hand. No more thinking ‘I wish this sticker was just a bit smaller’.

What I really want to do is to put my first few goals for 2019 front and centre in my planner to keep them top of mind. I want to make sure that I’m reminded every day of what I want to accomplish this month. My three main goals for January are written in the notes section of my weekly spread with little check box banners with enough space to check off one per weekday.

I’ve also written each goal out at the front of this weekly insert so that I’ll see them often and I flip open my planner. My big goal gets the place of honour on the front cover and the other two are written just inside. I used the matching Bloom scrapbook papers to cover the insert and the inside front cover along with cards from the cut apart sheets.

A tip for when you are covering inserts: make sure that the book will open and close smoothly after you'd added the paper. Close the book before sticking down paper completely on the outside. I'll stick the front cover, close th book, then I'll even wait to cut the width of the paper until after it's stuck down so that I'm sure there's enough. When adding paper to the inside leave a fraction of an inch near the binding to make oping and closing a cinch.

Since my first goal is a big one, I am also including an entire spread dedicated to it. I 'borrowed' some pages from a blank insert and stuck them in. I started a list of the steps I need to take to make progress on my goal, but I didn’t include the entire list because I don’t want to overwhelm myself. That would just backfire and I’d make no progress. This list is already long enough to get me started and once I get close to finishing it, I can add in new steps. I also added in 3 mini monthly calendar stickers to the bottom because I’d like to make some real progress towards this goal in January, February and March.

I also used the Bloom chipboard to make a couple of planner clips. I added a bit of the Bloom washi, dated the page with stickers from the Numbers tablet and added a tab and covered it with a clear tab sticker.

I will have a process video up on my YouTube channel on Monday, so stay tuned for that and if you are reading this after Monday and can’t find the video, simply search Forgotten Resolutions along with The Hooting Pirate and you should find it.

Happy Planning!