How to practice wellness with Carpe Diem!

August 31 2022 – jodie Sprules

How to practice wellness with Carpe Diem!
How to practice wellness with Carpe Diem!

How to practice wellness with Carpe Diem! 

It’s super important to take time out to look after ourselves, and our wellbeing. But more often than not, our busy lives can get in the way and self-love is pushed to the back of our ‘to-do’ list. The school run, caregiving responsibilities, unsocial working hours, family commitments or studying often takes priority over simple, everyday tasks to help our wellness.

At Carpe Diem Planners, we have outlined the top 10 ways to practice wellness.

  1. Prioritize sleep

When it comes to looking after your physical, mental or emotional health, sleep is top on the list. To always stay feeling ‘tip-top’, getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night is a must. This is proven to help boost your immune system and battle stress, giving you that ultimate fresh feeling when you wake up!

Make sure you put your phone away at least 1 hour before bedtime, turn off the TV and ensure there are no distractions around.

  1. Keep a journal

Journaling is an excellent way to combat stress, get your thoughts and feelings out, and feel more connected to yourself. It’s been proven that keeping a journal and updating it daily can help significantly with mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. By writing our thoughts and feelings down on paper, our brain is able to translate those feelings and make sense of them, ultimately allowing us to conquer them too. By journaling, we can also create a healthy way to express ourselves, and help prioritize our problems, fears and concerns.

You could also keep a journal to track symptoms or triggers and learn how to control them! 

  1. Get out in the fresh air!

It doesn’t matter how busy you are, getting even 10 minutes of fresh air per day can help you feel more alive, awake and gives you an instant boost! Get out into the garden, local park, beach or communal space and take long deep breaths. Focus on breathing in and filling up your lungs with that beautiful fresh air, then breathe out and empty your lungs. There’s nothing better when you are feeling tired or stressed, and can really help to reset your mind! 

  1. Run, dance, move, jump!

There’s no denying the benefits of a good workout no matter what the activity – running, cycling, jumping, dancing or walking! Exercising releases serotonin (or happy chemicals) into the body making you feel happy, optimistic and satisfied. In other words, get out and move and you’ll instantly feel better! Try to make time for at least 30 minutes of physical exercise per day to experience the biggest health benefits.

  1. Water, water and more water

Our bodies are made up of about 60% water, so it is no wonder it is so important to keep topping up our water supply regularly. Low water levels in our bodies result in poor digestion, tiredness, poor focus and poor maintenance of body temperature, amongst other things. Drinking at least 2 litres per day relieves fatigue, improves skin complexion, flushes out toxins, promotes weight loss and increases energy levels. Top tip: get a water bottle that sets targets for water consumption throughout the day!

  1. Write to-do lists

Keeping daily to-do lists is a great tool for helping you prioritize tasks and remembering important dates or projects. Start your day by writing a to-do list of things you want to achieve that day and tick them off as you go along. You’ll find that the action of completing a task will mentally lift a weight off your shoulders, and help you to feel more in control of your day.

  1. Meditate

You don’t need a special room, equipment or experience for this one, you can do it any time, anywhere. Meditation allows us to focus the mind for a set period of time and think deeply to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state. Like many of the other tip here, meditation can help reduce stress and ease symptoms of depression and anxiety. For tips, look up some techniques or follow a YouTube video if you haven’t tried meditation before!

  1. Take a vacation day

Super stressful job you can’t switch off from? Behind in your daily tasks and errands? Or simply want to have some you time? Take a vacation day and do whatever you want to do, even if that’s absolutely nothing! It’s important sometimes to remove yourself from situations and take time to recharge and reset, you’ll find you focus much better when you return to that task! 

  1. Declutter your home

You know what they say; messy space, messy mind! Task yourself to clean and organise one room in your home at a time. Start with your bedroom and clear out any old clothes that you may not wear anymore, you could sell them for a little extra cash or donate them to a local charity! Open your windows hoover, dust and put away everything in its own space. When you are finished, use essential oils to freshen up your space and make it smell great!

  1. Have a social media detox

Let’s admit it, we all love social media sometimes. It can be great for reconnecting with old friends, keeping up with family and discovering new passions. But, social media can also consume everything we do and can often have a very negative effect on our lives and the way we view ourselves.

Task yourself to stay off social media for a whole day, or maybe even a week! Removing the influence of others and the constant comparison will make you feel a lot better about yourself. Why not try reading a new book instead, or taking up a new hobby in your spare time?

That’s it from us, we hope you found this useful and try some of these methods to help practice wellness in the future!