Life CAN Be "All Sunshine and Rainbows"!

August 21 2019 – My Carpe Diem Admin

Life CAN Be "All Sunshine and Rainbows"!
Life CAN Be "All Sunshine and Rainbows"!

If ever you need a pick me up, just look at the Oh Happy Day! planner and it’ll put you in a good mood! It’s so peppy and fun and colourful, I love it!

It’s Cara today, here with a happy, rainbow filled planner setup for September. Why is this year going so fast? I can’t be the only one who can’t believe it’s almost September? Ack!! Well, I am going to use this happy, positive-vibe planner to help me look for the silver lining of my fast moving life.



I love these round up pages for each month. It provides a great way to get an overlook of what your month has in store and allows you to plan out your goals for the month (which I have yet to do!) To the edge of the divider, I added a strip of the pink No Probllama (LOL best name for a patterned paper!). 



I added a book mark here, I used a notebook punch like I did when I set up the Live Simply planner earlier this month. It’s removable, so I can move it to other months if I want. It’s patterned paper cut taller than the book to help me find my page fast. I layered the long border sticker from the combo sticker sheet and added some phrases, a flower and butterfly. 


The back has that amazing ‘Fabulous’ sticker and a flower, that’s all it needs. All these stickers came from the combo sticker sheet.



September is going to be a busy month for us with band concerts, birthdays, guests from Canada and of course the first day of school. So, I know that I am going to need a lot of room to write. When things get busy, I know that I have to cut back on the stickers… I know I know, the horror!! How will I ever cope ;) But, luckily there are 5 empty squares at the bottom of the calendar so I was able to layer up stickers to my heart’s content. 

It really is okay to adapt your decorating depending on how much (or little) room you need to write!



Because there is more room in the weekly spreads and the first week of September is probably our least busy, that means I have more room to decorate in this weekly spread! It kind of looks like a leprechaun threw up rainbows all over this spread and I LOVE it!! Happy colours make my day! I love how the spots of black really make the colours pop. I challenged myself to ONLY use stickers that came with the planner to decorate this spread. I think it looks amazing!



If you are interested in seeing my process video for this setup pop over to my YouTube channel and subscribe, the video will be out on Monday! Until then have a sunshine and rainbow filled day!