Live, Love & Explore!

July 29 2019 – My Carpe Diem Admin

Live, Love & Explore!
Live, Love & Explore!

Hi friends, it is Mik here today with a new blog entry.

Today, I’ve chosen the beautiful and funny Happy Trails collection to show you my new set up in my Cream Dot TN.

I love the nature. Being on it makes me feel at peace, at home. To walk among trees and to feel the fresh air is a great gift and whenever I can, I run toward the mountains, the countryside, the sea.


To create my front dashboard, I used the "Live love explore” 12”x12” paper. I started by stitching on the paper. Then, with “Happy trails 3x4 elements” and one piece of “Lakeside” 12”x12” paper, I made the dashboard`s center. To finish it, I attached some die cuts from Icon Bits & pieces and stitched the “Happy Trails”. I like it so much!

I love to decorate my planner’s pocket. Besides being fun, it can also be functional. Opening my TN and seeing it all joyful makes me so happy!

Once my front dashboard is finished, I started making a cover to my notebook.

In order to add some texture I sewed both a “Happy camper” and a “Back to nature” 12”x12” papers. In the middle of the page I cut a 4” circle within which I then put another circle made with a piece of “Back to nature” 12”x12” paper. A sticker from combo sticker to finish it up, and, voila.

I love to write in a motivational dashboard.

This time, I’ve created a night sky using a “Take a hike” and “Happy trails 3x4 elements” 12”x12” papers. And, as a message from the stars, I transcribed a poem by Rumi Jalaladim, the timeless master poet.

“Be grateful for your life, every detail of it,
and your face will come to shine like a sun,
and everyone who sees it will be made glad and peaceful.
Persist in gratitude, and you will slowly become
one with the Sun of Love, and Love will shine 
through you its all-healing joy."

 I believe in these words and I think they match perfectly with this scape. Don’t you think so?

Last but not least, I always decorate one blank page to make a space where I can make a list, glue some pics or just write about what I’m grateful at that point.

For this page I made a paperclip with a little piece from the “Happy trails 3x4 elements”  and  “Happy camper” 12”x12” paper. I glued a piece from “Great outdoors” 12”x12” at the top of the page, while at its bottom some die cuts from Icon Bits & pieces and stickers from combo sticker were the stickers I chose.

I hope you’ve enjoyed it!

If you want to have any questions or to talk some more about planners set up, then check out my IG account.

Have a nice day!