Setting up your “weekly” planner view!

October 09 2019 – Amber Crowell

Setting up your “weekly” planner view!
Setting up your “weekly” planner view!

Hey there my friends!

 It’s great to meet up with you again!  Let’s get creative shall we!

 Lately I’ve been doing some “tweeking” in my planner ……Wouldn’t you agree, it’s one of the fun ways, we all stay passionate about planning? 

 As the saying goes “Plan your work, then WORK your plan!”

I do believe, “This is US”  …in all our fun, creative, quirky planning ways! Fine tuning our creative planning styles each month to suit who we are!

 For my October set up I used the “Say Cheese Halloween” kit from Simple Stories!!  Such a fun kit!

 Want a peek inside?

I love planners, highlighters, ball point pens, to do lists and anything else that gives me the illusion that I'm getting my life together.    ~ Rebel Circus

 I love, Love, LOVE all the bright colors in this Halloween kit, went all out with goblins, ghosts and goolies lol!

 Don’t recognize the October Dashboard?  Lol!  Neither do I, because I completely recovered it! So, don’t hesitate yourself to have some re-designing fun in your planner!


Organizing my Agenda,

Wait!  THAT doesn’t sound fun!

How bout…..Jammin on my Planner!”

 ~ Leslie Snope

 This month in my summary page, I chose to add A fall quote, A don’t forget list, Our travel plans and A to do list. 

 What’s creatively fun about this page, is you can always tailor it to meet your needs for each new month! Remember back in August I tailored it around my business?

“A goal without a plan, is just a wish”   ~ Author unknown

 Ok! Isn’t that haunted house the bomb!  Lol!!  I fussy cut it from the scrapbook sheet and simple stapled it on the bottom left!  Adorbs!!

 Now truth be told, we’re all different….  Personally, I don’t like to crowd my month view!  Just a few highlights and a few decorations.  This way I can quickly see, what needs to been seen lol!

You? Well, you may love EVERYTHING logged in your monthly view!  You be You boo!

 Easy tip: whatever you do choose to do, keep it consistent, so when you look back over the year it makes sense lol!

“Plan your work, then WORK your plan!”     ~ Author unknown

 OK…so… I went and did a “thing” …. I committed to decluttering our entire house! One area at a time! One week at a time! 

Sometimes we get ourselves all caught up with the lines and segments in our planners, we hesitate to change things up to fit our needs! My need was a “decluttering box” lol!

Girl, get out those pens, highlighters and markers and have some fun making your planner fit YOU! 

I also added a Brain Dump for the week!  Great place to drop all my ideas and tasks for the over-all week!

On the right side I added a bulletin board, this is where I’ll add important notes!

 i.e look for refund in the mail, mailed birthday gift!

The Carry-over box is where, at the end of the week, I list the tasks I didn’t complete. Yup!  It truly doesn’t always get done lol!  And this way they’re easy to see, so I can carry them over to the next week!


With my weekly tracker I get to see a summary of what I accomplished!

You’ll notice along the left of each page, there’s room for bullet tasks.  I used a highlighter to make boxes and I’ll check them as I complete each task or errand!

Add a few stickers and embellishments and voila!  A fun week in my planner!

 Hope you enjoyed this blog post.  Share in the comments below some of your ideas as to sections you’d like to add in your weekly view!

Until next time! Hugs and Creative Blessings my friend!


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