Spooky Shaker Fun!

August 07 2019 – My Carpe Diem Admin

Spooky Shaker Fun!
Spooky Shaker Fun!

Hello again, Emma with you today. I’d like to show you a really fun and simple way to make shaker pockets, I’ve used them to decorate the front of my tn inserts, but you can use them just the same on dashboards, dividers...wherever you fancy!!

I’m using the Happy Haunting collection to set up my speckled dot tn, I just love the splashes of pink running through!! ...and you know me, there’s plenty of gorgeous florals too!!

Before I start explaining the shaker pockets, let’s just have a quick look at how I decorated the front pockets of the tn. Simple is the key here! Off cuts of paper, black ink pen to draw around the edges of each one, somehow this turns ‘scraps’ of paper, into, ‘speciality pocket fillers!!’ and then I stuffed each pocket full with the glorious chip board pieces!! Just look at the ghost and the skull with pink bows in their hair!! (If skulls & ghosts have hair!!) Love!!!

The off cuts of paper I used were from what was left after I cut out four insert covers from some of the 12x12 papers.
I used a corner punch on each insert cover, I think it just looks a little more ‘finished’ when the corners are rounded.

Ok, let’s talk shaker pockets! In the 12x12 collection pack you get some fabulous cut a part sheets, various sizes, but I choose to use the 3x4. All you need is some of the 3x4 (or whatever size you decide to use) Snap photo flip pockets. Slide your journaling card inside and then sprinkle in some sequins, I even slid in a few of the smaller ‘bits & pieces’., see, easy! You now have a choice, on the top of the snap pockets is some double sided sticky tape, this is so you can ‘flip’ your shaker pockets, I decided I wanted mine to not flip, so I simply cut off the top of each pocket.
To attach your pocket to your insert cover you can either use double sided sticky tape on the reverse or just use washi like I have. Please remember if you are using your shaker pockets as flip pockets, or attaching with double sided tape, the top needs sealing so your sequins don’t fall out. To do this, just put some clear tape over the edge and your sequins are safe!!

I’ve added some more interest to the fronts of my inserts by adding some of the fun stickers from the 12x12 sheet, and as I always do, drawn around the edge of each one with a black ink’ll be so bored of hearing me say this...but I think it makes them ‘pop’!!

So there we have it! One fun and super simple Halloween set up!

I hope you enjoyed hearing how I make my shaker pockets, I’d love to hear if you decide to give it a go! If you would like to see more pictures using Simple Stories products then checkout my IG account