Pukka B5 Vocab Book


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      Pukka Pads are here for all your educational and learning needs, we believe that we have the right product for you! 

      Our 520-word vocab book is perfect for learning words, and meanings. There are a variety of ways to utilize our vocab book including: Learning a language, Students learning keywords & Children learning their first words. 

      Our vocab book comes in a handy B5 size, it's perfect for school or university as it fits nicely into backpacks and tote bags! In the vocab book, there are repositionable dividers organized alphabetically, this helps to be able to locate a specific meaning. 

      The vocab book includes a variety of sections including: 

      • The word class. (noun, verb, adverb, adjective, or other)
      • The word itself.
      • Definition of the word.
      • The word in a sentence.
      • Synonym of the word.
      • Antonym of the word.
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