Sticker Tablets are the perfect complement to your planning. From basics like number stickers, labels and tabs to reminders, fun designs and inspirational quotes, each 12 page sticker tablet includes a huge stickers assortment, in one convenient package!


A wide variety of inserts available to add, customize, accessorize, blend and build a one of a kind organizational tool that works perfectly for you! Whether you’re are looking to organize on a monthly, weekly or daily basis we have what you need.


Bookmarks, bookmark note tablets and sticky notes - we have them all!  Mix and match with our coordinating inserts, stickers, washi tape and accessories to create your perfect planner!


Who doesn’t adore washi tape? Show your washi love with our beautifully designed, high quality washi tape by adding to your calendar, journaling, memory keeping… there’s no end to the options!