What types of products do you offer?

We offer A5, Personal and Spiral Planners, Traveler's Notebooks and Inserts along with various accessories. 

Where can I see the full collection of Carpe Diem products?  

Visit our website at carpediemplanners.com to view our products.  

Where can I purchase your products?  

You can purchase directly from our Carpe Diem website, various online stores and at many retail craft & scrapbook stores.

What size are the planners?

The A5 planners are 8” wide x 9.4” tall x 1.625” deep.  The Personal planners are 5.75” wide x 7.5” tall x 1.25” deep.  The Spiral planners are 7" wide x 8.75" tall x 1.25" deep.  The Traveler's Notebooks are 5.25" wide x 8 10/16" tall.

What size are the planner rings in diameter?

The A5 inner rings are 30mm in diameter.  The Personal inner rings are 30mm in diameter.

What size are the inserts?

The A5 inserts are 5.83” x 8.27".  The  Personal inserts are 4.25” x 6.75”.  The Traveler’s Notebook inserts are 5” wide x 8.25" high, also known as standard wide.

What are the ring bound Planners and Traveler’s Notebooks made of?

No animals were used in the manufacturing of our products; materials are made of synthetic leather.  

How are the Planners and Traveler’s Notebooks packaged?

The Planner Boxed Sets and A5 a la carte planners are packaged in a decorative cardboard box with a clear plastic cover; a ‘belly band’ wraps around the planner with product information and contents on the back.  Personal size a la carte planners and Traveler’s Notebooks are packaged in a hard, clear plastic box.

What colors are available?

Colors & designs will vary from release to release; check our website for the current color assortment along with availability.  Please keep in mind that monitors display colors differently and that colors on products you purchase may vary slightly from the images you see on your screen. 

Do all the planners and Traveler’s Notebooks have the same interior?

No. Some items have the same color as the exterior, and some have coordinating patterns for the interior.  Please check our website for the current color assortment.

What’s included in the Planner Boxed Sets?

Contents vary by planner size and style; please check our website for the boxed set contents.  

Do all of the Boxed Sets have the same inserts?

Insert designs vary based on the size and color of the planner;  please check our website for the boxed set contents.  

Can the planner inserts included in the box sets be purchased a la carte?

No, but we do offer Monthly Inserts in several different designs, monthly tabbed divider designs as well 3 different formats of weekly inserts that can all be purchased a la carte.   Please check our website for the boxed set contents.  

What is the quality of paper?

We use a heavy weight paper ranging from 100 to 140 GSM, based on the product, to ensure that most inks will not bleed.  This is our promise to you.

Are the a la carte Monthly Inserts different from what’s included in the boxed sets?

The boxed sets include the Monthly Inserts as well as weekly inserts; the a la carte Monthly Inserts do not include the weekly inserts..

Are the monthly, weekly and daily inserts dated?

The inserts are NOT dated, so you can start using the planner and/or inserts at any time of the year.  The Spiral Planners are dated.  

What accessories are available for my planners and traveler’s notebooks?

We offer many different accessories for our planners and traveler’s notebooks. From inserts, stickers, washi tape, clips and more. Please check our website for our current accessory offering.

Is there a punch available if I want to add additional inserts to my planner?

Yes, we offer an A5 6 hole punch for A5 planners. Please check our website for more information.