Autumn Splendor Planner Set Up!

September 16 2019 – Amber Crowell

Autumn Splendor Planner Set Up!
Autumn Splendor Planner Set Up!
I just love everything about Fall that I had to set up another planner with a cozy autumn theme. This time I used my Teal A5 planner with the Autumn Splendor Collection. 
You may ask if I used another set of inserts for this planner. The answer is no. I just took all my inserts from my other fall theme planner and add them here. I left the dashboard and the pockets decorations in my Persimmon planner. This way, I can also continue with my weekly inserts with the same theme.
  I decided to use the Teal A5 planner because it's one of my favorite color. My favorite color with my favorite season equals perfect combo.
I created my front dashboard using one of the layered frame as the focal point. I also wanted to add a little teal color so I used my washi from the older collection and one of the teal cardstock from this collection. It gives my dashboard little accent of teal color but not so overwhelming.
 I've decorated my planner pockets with bits & pieces. I added my own stash of tiny fall leaves scattered in my pockets to highlight the fall theme. It's an easy way to add more fall vibes in your planner.
 "Pumpkin kisses and harvest wishes"
I haven't made a pocket insert in a while. This is really super easy to make. I fold the 12x12 cardstock in half vertically. then I measure the same height of my A5 insert then I fold the leftover from the bottom of your paper. I then punch holes to add to my planner. I decided to decorated it a little with one of the frames. You can see how the pocket can hold my stamp. On the left side of the page, I just used one of the paper from the 6x8 pad and glued it to the back of my front dashboard.
Fall theme continues in my weekly layout in November. I used the combo sticker and some of fall washi tapes from a couple of different collection. One set from the "Fall Farmhouse" and the other set from "Forever Fall"
 I love using the leaf stamps in my layout. I used 2 different colors for the leaves, orange and of course teal. 
 Items that I love to use in most if not all of my layouts. Always gotta have washi tapes to decorate my layout. I also love using stamps. I especially love any word stamps since I have yet to learn to love my handwriting. I use black ink so that you can see the letters clearly.
To create a well balance layout, I used the "zig zag" technique in which I add stickers veering alternately right and left.
I couldn't to decide which fall theme collection I wanted to use this year so I decided to use them both in two different planners. Whether you choose to use "Fall Farmhouse" or "Autumn Splendor" they are both amazing collections. I love them both that I wanted to use them. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy another one of my fall theme set up.