Fall Into Autumn!

September 13 2019 – Amber Crowell

Fall Into Autumn!
Fall Into Autumn!

Hello, it’s Emma with you, today I’d like to share a few sneaky tricks!!

I’m using the Simple Vintage Autumn Splendor Collection by Simple Stories in the Live Simply 17 Month Weekly Spiral Planner.

Now I don’t own one of those fancy punches for spiral planners, but I like to make dashboards and dividers, so here’s a simple way to cheat! Decorate the existing divider! I literally just cut down slightly some paper out of the Autumn Splendor 6x8 Pad and glued it down and decorated on top of that!

I enjoy decorating my monthly and weekly pages too. Add a few strips of washi over any decoration already on the pages and you can create your own theme!

As you know I like to draw around the edges of stickers to make them stand out, I’m not the neatest so here’s another trick I use....when my lines go wrong and I make a mistake, I squiggle over it, it’s makes it look like it’s intentional then!! Ssshhhh that’s our secret!!

I was thrilled to see the Alpha stickers making a come back! You’ll find them in the mini sticker tablet.

I like to use them on my weekly pages, and again you’ll see here where I draw around them, and squiggle when I make a mistake!! He He!!

Hope you’ve enjoyed here a few of my tricks!! If you would like to see more pictures using Simple Stories products then checkout my IG account