Forget Hindsight, Let’s Plan 2020 with 20/20 Foresight!

December 11 2019 – Amber Crowell

Forget Hindsight, Let’s Plan 2020 with 20/20 Foresight!
Forget Hindsight, Let’s Plan 2020 with 20/20 Foresight!

Hi, it’s Cara here today and I am obsessed with resolutions and planning! Now I am not talking about the resolutions that everyone makes and forgets by the time the sun sets on January 1, like going to the gym every day and getting healthy. Or the big lofty ones with no intent to follow through at all.


No, not those resolutions, I'm talking about the resolutions that become goals with action steps carefully planned into your planner. Choosing just one to begin with, one that really gets you excited and you can really focus your time and energy to making it a reality.


Now, a great way to encourage yourself to work towards a difficult goal is to have a pretty planner to help you. A pretty planner that makes you smile when you open it up can only be motivating! So I decorated my Blush Speckle TN with the So Happy Together collection from Simple Stories to really get me excited and motivated. 

I covered 3 inserts (a monthly, weekly and daily) with my 3 favourite papers, when I first saw these patterns side by side I knew that I wanted to see them together in a TN. I decorated the first one simply but with that bold ampersand to stand out from the dots. A strip of the black check Hello Washi down the spine is a great finishing touch, giving it the look of a composition notebook.

Next up is the pockets! Pockets are one of my favourite things to decorate as they instantly spruce up any planner to make you smile when you open it. I used a mix of cardstock stickers, die cuts and stickers. It’s such a happy little planner now.

I decorated the January spread, writing in important birthdays and events so that I would be able to schedule in time to work on my goal. A couple of clusters of stickers and numbering the days is all it needs to be absolutely adorable but still remain functional.


Choosing just one goal to work on and focus on is no easy task. You really have to take a lot into consideration, including whether this is a goal that you truly want to work towards, or simply something you feel like you ‘should’ do. I decorated the notes page to brainstorm lots of possible dreams, resolutions and goal ideas so that I could get an idea of what might interest me this year. Knowing what else is going on in my life will help me decide on the time I can allot to this project and will help in the decision so I decorated the opposite page as well, changing some of the headings to help me narrow down my decision.


Pop on over to my YouTube channel to see the process video for this TN setup: Cara's YouTube channel.