Home Planner Set Up!

July 05 2019 – My Carpe Diem Admin

Home Planner Set Up!
Home Planner Set Up!

Hello beautiful planner friends! It’s Kylie back with you today and I’m super excited to share with you my new, spiral bound, ‘Home Planner’. I have a confession to make…. I have never used a spiral planner! Nope! Not once. However within about 5 seconds of this beauty arriving I knew I had been depriving myself! The ‘Home Planner’ is one of 4 new planners available. You can check them out here:

With its beautiful graphics, sturdy spine and gold metal corners, I quickly discovered this planner was ‘move in’ ready! It includes-  Tabbed dividers, Personal info inserts, Calendar inserts, Schedule inserts, Get it done inserts, Menu plan inserts, plus Sticker sheets….PHEW! And that’s not everything!

I discovered there are a heap of ways you could use this planner! I’ve set my planner up, keeping it quite simple. I’m using it to track school activities, after school activities, list making, menu planning, shopping lists, chore lists etc.

When you open it up you will see two fantastic sticker sheets that come with it. Lots of fun icons, banners and square decorative stickers. I have mostly used these in my planner, combining them with the Calendar, Seasons and Numbers sticker tablets. I also went to the website to download and print the ‘Home’ printables which are a freebie. Yay! You can too here:

Once I had the printables cut out I added some to the generous inside pocket. This would be a great place to also store receipts, lists or even photos.

At the start of my planner there is month to month calendars which I have dated by adding my number stickers as well as some of the cute icon stickers. This is still before the pen but I love the colour the stickers add to my pages.

The schedule pages allow for so much flexibility in your planning and how you want to use these pages. Being undated I added more of the number stickers and am keeping track of school activities as well as day to day chore lists.

I’ve punched and added some of the printables as ‘tip – ins’ to my pages. Or in other words extra colour and fun!

This planner also offers a ‘menu planning’ section which is great as it is a week on each page. The note section is ideal for jotting down any shopping list.

At the back of the planner is a ‘To-Do’ section.  Great for any list making you do. The divider for this section is SO cute.

I really haven’t added anything to my dividers which is so unlike me. They really are beautiful on their own and as mentioned before makes your planner ‘move in’ ready. This divider would be one of my favourites! I actually did add a paper bow to the bun, it was too cute not to!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of my Home planner today. This was just a few favourite corners of this new spiral.There is SO much to these planners worth exploring.

Until next time! Happy planning,