5 ways to use stickers in your planner!

August 12 2022 – jodie Sprules

5 ways to use stickers in your planner!
5 ways to use stickers in your planner!

Hey y’all, today on the blog I’m going to be discussing ways you can use stickers in your planner! You might not be familiar with the awesome range of stickers that we do on the Carpe Diem Planner website - there’s a whole bunch! Check them out here: 

We know that when you were a youngster stickers might have been your thing, but why not bring them into your adult life and use them in your Carpe Diem Planner?! 

If you’re a bit stuck with ways you can use them we’ve listed some here for you. 


1. Flag important dates like birthdays, holidays and and celebrations. 

Why not try out our calendar sticker tablet or our numbers sticker tablet these are great for scheduling in important dates. A sticker is more eye catching than just writing down the event, so you’re less likely to forget or miss it! 


2. Make a theme

We’ve created a sticker tablet specific for all the different seasons, you can shop it here . This sticker tablet is great for getting you started with planning, simply look to each month for inspiration and build around the stickers. There’s even stickers for different holidays and each season. 


3. Keep your finances on track 

A fun, and functional way to use stickers is to use them to help budget! Our budget planner stickers are great for helping you keep on track of your finances. From stickers to track your financial goals and your budgets easily. 


4. Hide mistakes

Okay, so we all do it, we’re on a roll and then BAM, you’ve spelt something wrong or made an error! No worries, grab yourself some stickers and decorate away. No one will ever know… 


5. Last but not least, make it look pretty! 

We’d be lying if we said that we didn’t think that all of our stickers are beautiful! You can check them out here  each and every sticker tablet aims to match with our planners and encouraging you to plan a life you love!