All Set for December

December 01 2018 – My Carpe Diem Admin

All Set for December
All Set for December

Hello again, as promised I’m back with a little look at my Christmas set up, all ready for December. If you remember last time I showed you how I’d made some pockets & insert covers using the Simple Vintage Christmas collection. Well I’ve now finished decorating and setting up my Aztec Black & White TN by Carpe Diem Planners.

So, shall we take a look? You know by now that I love to stuff my pockets nice and full, well, I’ve been quite restrained this time! I know! Not like me at all!!

I haven’t held back on any of the other areas though, just look at those pom poms!! I’m often asked how I fix my pom pom trim to my insert covers, it’s dead easy, I just use double sided sticky tape and it works a treat!! I’ll let you into a secret, I used to add a little dollop of super glue to the ends to stop the edges fraying or lifting, but I don’t do that anymore since getting the trim stuck fast to my finger!!!

You’ve seen me use snap pockets on my inserts before, making them into shaker pockets, this time I’ve cut down some of the 4x4 pockets. I used some of the little cards out of the snap pack and a few cute snowflake sequins. You guessed it, I used double sided sticky tape to attach it to the back of my insert cover. I do love double sided sticky tape, it’s so useful! 

I think I’ve said this before, but since Carpe Diem planners brought out the monthly, daily, weekly inserts, it’s completely changed the way I use my TN’s!! I used to be an A5 girl all the way, but now, it’s all about my love for TN’s! I would say that an absolute must buy is the Numbers Sticker Tablet!! It’s bursting full of every size and colour numbers, there’s enough in there for a good year!! I choose to use the red circle numbers for December but there is also a sheet of number stickers that come in the sticker pack for this collection. 

I’ve decorated my monthly spread in a very similar style to my October Halloween spread, lots of washi tape all around the edges and then some of the fabulous stickers that are on the 12x12 sheets! I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again, don’t ever be afraid to cut your stickers to make them fit where you want! 

I like to draw around the edge of the stickers & washi, but also I draw around each box too!...don’t ask me why, I haven’t a clue what started me off doing it, but it’s  just something I do! 

So there we have it, my set up for December. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed a little peek inside my TN and possibly taken a few ideas, if nothing else, you’ve learned not to stick pom pom trim to your finger with super glue!! If you would like to see more pictures using Carpe Diem products then checkout my IG account heartsbyeamma