Our top picks for wedding and engagement gifts!

May 12 2022 – jodie Sprules

Our top picks for wedding and engagement gifts!
Our top picks for wedding and engagement gifts!

Our top picks for wedding and engagement gifts!

Weddings can be an exciting event for all and often bring out a lot of happiness in those attending. Singing, laughing, eating, drinking and dancing are some of the best parts of the fun-filled day out. But not all aspects are fun, and picking out wedding or engagement gifts may even be a bit stressful for some people! As we come into wedding season, we thought we’d share with you our top picks for wedding and engagement gifts, so that you can focus on the more important, exciting parts of the day!


  1. Blossom scrapbook in green

Buy the lovely couple in your life a beautiful scrapbook to document their big day. With 20 pages of 300gsm paper, there is room to stick pictures, tickets, invites and small souvenirs from the most special day of their lives.


  1. Budget Planner

There is no denying that weddings and everything that comes along with it can be very expensive. From the bachelor and bachelorette party, to the dresses and suits, to the wedding day and honeymoon, the price can add up pretty quick! Help your special couple stay on top of their finances with the Carpe Diem Budget Planner


  1. Colour Wash A5 Planner Box Set

Our A5 planners are the perfect wedding day gift for all. The ringbound, undated planner comes with monthly and weekly layouts as well as note pages and stickers. The happy couple will never miss a plan again in their busy married lives!


  1. Home Planner

The Carpe Diem Home Planner will be your special couple’s new personal assistant. With space to enter their personal, family, insurance, emergency and account information, as well as contacts and monthly/weekly calendar dates, they’ll be prepared to take on the challenges of married life! 


  1. Carpe Diem gift voucher

Finally, if you’re unsure on what the bride and groom may need, a gift voucher is the perfect solution. Allow them to pick out a gift they will cherish forever in their own time, out of our hundreds of beautiful, functional products!


We hope this has helped y'all find the perfect gift for your next wedding or engagement celebration.