Easy DIY Planner Accessories With Element Papers!

May 20 2019 – My Carpe Diem Admin

Easy DIY Planner Accessories With Element Papers!
Easy DIY Planner Accessories With Element Papers!

Hi, it’s Cara here today and I’ve got some fun planner accessories for you, so warm up your laminator, grab your Oh Happy Day! collection, and let’s get crafty!

I love having the cut apart sheets for making small projects for my planner. The Oh Happy Day! collection has a wonderful mix of colours and designs to really make these DIY accessories super easy. Such pretty cards make crafting these items so easy! The hardest part will be choosing which cards to use.   


Today we are making simple bookmarks and washi cards that look fantastic, simply because they are made from the cards.


For the washi cards choose cards that you like and preferable ones with blank centres, otherwise you'll just cover up the pretty designs with your washi. I cut up one 4x4 card to make it narrower. I then overlapped the two pieces to have the rainbow border on both sides. If you look closely you can see the cut line at the bottom opposite the flower, but it doesn’t bother me too much. The other cards are a 3x4 card that's simply laminated and two 2x2 cards, stacked, that were cut out together then laminated. 

You can decorate them a bit more, but I figured that with the design of the card along with the washi, it was enough. So I left mine as is.

Laminating let’s you add washi without the risk of losing that last few inches of tape that are actually stuck to the card. The washi will lift up easily from the lamination without ripping or getting stuck down permanently like it would on a piece of cardstock.

Here’s a peek at one of the washi cards and bookmarks in action inside my planner setup from my last blog post. Can you spot them?



You can find that blog post here: Plan a Colourful Life!


If you want to add your washi card to a ring bound planner, leave a wider border of laminate on the left hand side and punch your holes. You can trim away the bit that doesn’t have the holes so that the washi only wraps around the card bit and not the excess laminate border.



For the book marks, I made two of them with three stacked 2x2 cards cut out together and one 4x3 card that was cut a bit narrower so to have more of a book mark shape. You can always leave a laminate border on the left of bookmarks to be able to us them in your ring planners too. To have the bookmark stick out at the top of your planner pages, make sure that you don’t punch your holes at the top, but rather punch your holes a little further down. Taking the rubber cover off of your hole punch will let you be able to see exactly where you are punching.


I’ve been shying away from monthly spreads recently, not sure why, because they are fun to decorate. I don’t tend to use them too often but I love how they do give me a nice overview of what’s to come. Today, I’ve decorated both the June calendar and the notes and lists pages from the monthly insert. 



June is going to be a fun month for me and I love how the happy rainbows and bright images make my lists look fantastic. Most of these are from the 4x6 sticker sheets. It’s a fun and motivating page, to really make me want to get in there and tackle some of those to-do’s.


I love these little number flags from the Numbers Sticker tablet. There are always colours to match and these little flags are so darling!


There’s a video tutorial for you to get more tips and tricks for getting the most out of your DIY accessories, so pop on over and watch that: Cara's YouTube channel


Happy planning!