February Florals in my Planner

February 05 2019 – My Carpe Diem Admin

February Florals in my Planner
February Florals in my Planner

Hello again! Is it really that time again?...blimey that’s gone quick! Anyway!  Shall we take a look at what I’ve been up to since last time?  I’ve set up my A5 Blush with the dividers I made with the ‘heartsbyemma’ twist!! If you’re not sure what I mean, check out my last blog post here and all will become clear! 

So, if you remember I was saying how I’d picked out the beautiful floral papers as I wanted a set up that could be used all year round, not just valentines! 

I’ve used the floral papers in my pockets, which is a great way, and let’s face it, easy, way to tie it all in together! I’ve then softened with light pink doilies and grabbed every floral die cut and chipboard piece I could to add even more flower power!!

I have even popped a couple of sticky notes in from the bloom collection to look vaguely functional!...which we all know by now, I don’t do functional!...I do PRETTY!!

I made enough dividers to do six months and then I’ll move the last six months of the year over to the front...if that makes sense?! Have you seen the washi tape with the Kissing Booth Collection? Oh boy!! The floral!! I have to admit! I went a little washi wacky and covered February’s monthly spread in it!! What do you reakon? Too much?? 

I also used the number sticker tablet to number the whole of the month, picking out the gorgeous pink! That’s what’s so great about the number sticker tablet, there’s every colour and size sticker you could possibly ever wish for!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed having a peek inside my planner, and if you love floral prints like me, then I’m sure you’ll have definitely feasted your eyes on those beautiful papers! If you would like to see more pictures using Simple Stories products then checkout my Instagram account.