It's Summer Time!

July 10 2019 – My Carpe Diem Admin

It's Summer Time!
It's Summer Time!

Summer is the time for sunscreen, open air parties, pool, beach, lemonade, flip-flops…

I love summer and all its luminosity. Did you ever notice how super happy everyone is in summer? That’s vitamin D saying hello and recharging all our energies!

Today I’ve chosen the warm and refreshing Sunshine and Blue Skies collection to show you my new set up in my Aztec Black & White TN.

To create my monthly insert cover, I picked the Paradise Found 12”x12” paper. I also used the “Get A Tan” and “Salmon/Sky Blue” 12 x 12 paper and one SN@P! 4x6 photo flip. I made a shaker pool with this photo flip and I've fallen completely in love!

Do you like to decorate your planner’s pocket? I love it! Besides being fun, it can also be functional. Opening my TN and seeing it all joyful makes me happy and so it helps me plan better.

If you’re not too much into it, or if you still haven't mastered making shakers, this cover is for you! It’s a juxtaposition of papers, stickers and ephemera. Super simple. In order to make it, I used the “Coral/ Yellow” 12”x12” paper, Sn@p! cards, pool people bits & pieces and combo stickers. All fun and super summery, don’t you think? 

For my monthly layout, I decided to choose a squeezed lemonade distress ink. I’d never done that and loved the result. It brought more sun to my calendar and joy to this July days. Here, I used one of the washi tapes, a combo sticker, 4x6 stickers and some ephemera pieces from the Sunshine and Blue Skies collection. Not forgetting the numbers sticker tablet, which I love!

To finalize it, I decorated the first week of my month with the 4x6 stickers and a small piece of the “Sunkissed” 12”x12” paper.

So there we have it, my set up for july. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed it!

If you want to have any questions or to talk some more about planners set up, then check out my IG account

Have a nice day!