Mind Map and Dream Planner!

May 15 2019 – My Carpe Diem Admin

Mind Map and Dream Planner!
Mind Map and Dream Planner!

Hi everyone!

It's Mik here from Papermiks ( on the blog today!

Have you heard about Mind Maps? A mind map is a diagram system developed by British psychologist Tony Buzan with the goal of organizing, in a visual way, items related to a specific theme.

Based on the mind map I’ve developed my dream planner where I created a dream map. And I chose the Little Princess collection to decorate this planner I love so much. Come with me and I'll show you every part of it.

To match this beautiful collection I chose the A5 Pink Planner. I filled its pockets with the ephemeras and put some 6x4 papers to make it special.

Actually everything on this planner is special, but now what about this butterfly dashboard?

I once heard that one of the butterfly’s meanings is transformation. I found it very appropriate to use this symbol on this dashboard. What do you think?

To do it I used one of the simple stories’ cuts available in the Silhouette shop, where you can find many simple stories designs. I really recommend it.

I picked up the A5 dasboard cut, put the butterflies design and cut it. Behind the dashboard I pasted one of the 12x12 papers and I decorated with the stickers plus enamel dots. I confess that I am in love with this dashboard, it represents exactly what I desire. The change and transformation of my dreams into reality.


For this planner I organize myself according to the changes of the moon. It might seem strange, but we change our mood as the moon’s phases  change. That way, my planning for the organization of goals and fulfillment of my dreams goes according to the days of new moon and astrological transits.

Yes, in addition to being a psychologist I love astrology.

And since I believe that everything is energy, there is a part of my planner destined for motivational phrases, and I thought the phrases of the 4x6 stickers were perfect for this space. So I took the sheet “Dream come true” and I put the phrases into the clouds.

It’s cute, don’t you think? I loved it!

Now it’s the time to talk about my dream map.

To do this I used the 12x12 Teal / Lavender paper from the Basics kit, decorated with some combo stickers. In the center I wrote my name and my date of birth. From there, I drew arrows for the themes that I want to work on my dream map.

Well, as you can see the following topics are: work, health, home, study, love, family.

Just as in the mind map, I can organize my dreams and set goals to accomplish them. Easy, right? Did you like the idea?

If you want to take some questions or see more photos of my dream planner using the products of simple stories then check out my Instagram account.


Dream big!