Oh! It Sure Is A Happy Day!

May 06 2019 – My Carpe Diem Admin

Oh! It Sure Is A Happy Day!
Oh! It Sure Is A Happy Day!

Hello, it’s that time again!, Emma here with you, and I’d love to share what I’ve done with the most gloriously cheerful collection, Oh Happy Day!!

I often hear girls say how they’d love to have a ‘pretty’ planner but find the whole decorating thing totally overwhelming!  So, I’d like to show you how stinking easy it can be! Promise! 

Shall we start with the dashboard, that’s basically the front cover to all your inserts, just take a 12x12 sheet of paper and either trace around the existing dashboard or if you have the divider templates trace around one of those, remembering not to bother with a tab. Cut it out and then it’s time to punch the holes, if there’s one tool I’d highly recommend, it’s the Carpediemplanners A5 punch, it’s an absolute game changer!!, super quick and easy, but, no worries if you don’t have it, you can use a basic one and punch each hole individually...but let’s face it, who really wants to do that! ;)

Time to decorate your dash, the fabulous thing with the simple stories collections, you’re never short of things for decorating, if you only have the 12x12 paper pack, no problem! Cut out a few of the cut a part sheets, it doesn’t mater if it’s the 6x4 like I’ve used, or smaller ones, just choose what makes you smile! I like to go ‘wonky’!, sticking a piece of patterned paper the same size as my cut a part, on at a ‘wonky’ angle and then the ‘pretty’ image on at another ‘wonky’ angle. Little tip, I always draw with a black pen around the edge of my cut a parts, and even around the edge of my dash & dividers, it makes them stand out I think, remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect! This is for you!, no one else!! Voila! No need for anything more if you don’t want!

Now for pockets, again, super easy! With the off cuts of paper from your dash, cut them up into ‘pocket’ sized pieces, draw that cheeky little black line round the edge of each one and pop them in, alternating the patterns, and sticking with the ‘wonky’ affect we used on the dash! 

I like to think of these little scraps of paper as the ‘backdrop’ ready for your chosen ephemera, paperclips or whatever you choose to place in your pockets...those bits of paper now make everything POP!! 

Decorating your weekly pages couldn’t be easier, grab some pretty washi, run it down the edge of your page, (this is where the Carpediemplanners A5 punch really comes in to its own!) repunch your holes and you could leave it at that...or if you’d like to add more, pick out some stickers off the 12x12 sticker sheet and pop them on, remembering, these pages are for you! put the stickers where you feel they look nice, there’s no rules!! Another cheeky little tip, I draw around the edge of my stickers with my trusty black guessed makes them POP!! 

I’ve used one of the calendar stickers in the corner of my page, I find these really handy! You’ll notice how I do little ‘clusters’ of decoration, I like this idea, using a collection of different shaped, coloured stickers, or off cuts of paper. 

Well, there we have it, told you it was super easy!! No excuses, go and get your crafty on!!...and last tip of the day...No one is judging, this is for you, and if it brings you joy then I’d say it’s a winner!! Enjoy!!

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