Pen Pal Tracking Planner!

June 03 2019 – My Carpe Diem Admin

Pen Pal Tracking Planner!
Pen Pal Tracking Planner!

Hi Friends! Mik here sharing how you can make a pen pal tracking planner using the gorgeous Oh Happy day collection.

Do you know snail mail? This is the term used to refer to the old school, traditional, exchange of letters by mail.

My father was in the military and I moved a lot during my childhood and ever since. I have lived in several different cities (and countries) and in each one I made a group of friends. To keep in touch with them I wrote letters.

As the years passed, email became one of the fastest forms of communication, but for me the handwritten letter has a magic that email has not yet been able to replace. So I still correspond by means of letters.

I used a cute file paper airplane to make the centerpiece of my dashboard and added a few of the dots on the page. It is cute and matches perfectly with snail mail, don’t you think?

As a snail mailer I love sending flipbooks along with some love to my pen friends. But to keep everything organized about what I sent and what I receive I've created a pen pal tracking planner. That way I can track all my incoming and outgoing.

The notes bookmarker is what I use to make a list of all the people that I need to answer.

I also file each of my pen friends in a blank note paper. On it, I write down name, address, email, birthday, instagram, my penpal's likes and dislikes. Here it’s important to say that it’s better to put it in alphabetical order so finding the names is easier, ok?

For this page I used stickers from calendar sticker tablet, tabs sticker tablet and the Oh Happy day combo stickers.

This page is divided into two columns: incoming and outgoing. This way I can track down sent and received letters, so all is organized and nobody is left out waiting for an answer.

The fun of snail mail is the exchange of letters and the love that comes (and goes) in them. Like I said, I like sending some love with my letters, so I show a dashboard idea that you can make to write your pen pal. I love this dashboard because I can send my letter inside the envelope on the dashboard itself. And my pen friend can later use this dashboard in her planner. This is so fun!

Last but not least, here I show you some ideas that can inspire you to send your pen friends.

I hope you enjoy it!

If you want to make some questions or see more photos of my pen pal tracking planner using the products of simple stories then check out my Instagram account

Have a nice week!