Planning for your home!

July 16 2019 – My Carpe Diem Admin

Planning for your home!
Planning for your home!

HOME planner - The name say it all... this is the perfect planner for your entire household! I'm using this HOME spiral planner for my family daily plans. It will stay in my kitchen for easy access to everything from family plans to cleaning to grocery shopping!

This Home planner also has a coordinated sticker tablet that I store inside of the front cover, just slide the back sheet of the sticker tablet into the secretarial pocket for easy access! The pocket can also be used to store receipts, recipes, and such. But for now, I'll just use it to store my stickers :).

I used the important dates from the calendar section to write down any family members and close friends birth dates. Since all of the months are only printed in letters, I added calligraphy on top of each letter with the name of the full month and I love how it turned out!

How sweet are those little date stickers that I took from the number "Number" sticker tablet. I used it as the birthday's date numbers.There are tons of numbers in a variety of colors and sizes "Number" sticker tablet.  It will last you a long time!

My July monthly spread (still within the CALENDAR section), not so much going on yet, but I can always fill it up by the end of the month. The numbers are also the stickers I used from the "Number sticker tablet", available in many other colors.

My schedule for the week of Twenty Seventh (from the SCHEDULE section), just as simple as it looks. 


Then the last page to share is the menu plan I had from the previous week. I used a color code as you can see to identify which one goes for breakfast, lunch, as well as dinner.

My planning this month super simple and that's perfect! I did not have to use too many stickers because I already had cheerful and colorful pages and beautiful cover. Thank you for checking in. Hope to see you again soon!