Say Hello to Pukka Pads USA!

October 04 2021 – jodie Sprules

Say Hello to Pukka Pads USA!
Say Hello to Pukka Pads USA!

Hi Everyone! 

I thought I would introduce myself, I'm Jodie and I am working on all things social for Carpe Diem! 

So, you might have seen some exciting new products to the Carpe Diem Planners website!
Pukka Pads USA have flown into our shelves here at the Carpe Diem! 
But, you're probably thinking I've never heard of Pukka Pads, Who are they? So we thought we would start by introducing them and what they stand for! 

Let's start at the beginning.. 
Pukka Pads is one of the leading global manufacturers and suppliers of high quality paper based products. Pukka Pads has an extensive portfolio of products including notebooks/pads, filing, post & packaging and stationery accessories.
How it all started...  
2018: Chris Stott (owner of Pukka Pads 2000 ltd) meets Kevin Crowell and Amber Crowell (owners of Simple Stories) at the New York Stationery Show.  Kevin and Amber explain they are looking to potentially sell a sub brand of their business called Carpe Diem...
2019: Pukka Pads acquires Carpe Diem, Pukka Pads now owns Carpe Diems range of products, stock and designs. Chris moves to the USA to kickstart the business and set up a new sales office in Ogden, Utah.
2020: Pukka Pads revamps and redesigns the whole of the Carpe Diem collection! Introducing never seen before designs and colours to the Carpe Diem world. 

What's happening now?

At Pukka Pads we've been working hard to bring Carpe Diem into the Pukka Pad world and vice versa! 
This has meant that we now can introduce Pukka Pads to the US and Carpe Diem to the UK!  We hope that you love Pukka Pads as much as you love Carpe Diem! But don't worry, Carpe Diem isn't going anywhere!