Too Cute To Scare

October 23 2019 – Amber Crowell

Too Cute To Scare
Too Cute To Scare
Halloween doesn't have to be super scary. It can also be super cute and super fun. Today I am sharing my not so scary Halloween set up in my Blush Speckle Traveler's Notebook. The hint of pink makes this Halloween set up so much more adorable.
How charming are those 2 ghosts couple? They are just too cute to scare.
Pink and Black is such a sweet color combinations which makes my set up even more appealing. I added pink and black poms to add more cuteness to the theme.
I wanted to use the bats as the background and I knew I wanted it to be the front insert cover, so I went ahead and cut the 12x12 cardstock paper in the size of my insert. I've decorated the first insert cover with bits & pieces and chipboard stickers.
 I wanted the ghosts couple to be the center of my planner pockets so I didn't add too much embellishments. I just added enough to compliment the ghosts.

My planner set up wouldn't be complete without creating and decorating my Monthly layout. I've used the orange number sticker tablet to add dates.
  I've used mostly stickers to decorate my monthly layout. I didn't want to add anything to make my page bulky. I've used the pink plaid washi and the simple vintage Halloween washi.

 I just had to add the ghost couple again in my layout, I just love them.
How much more adorable can this monthly layout get? I am super happy with they way it turned out.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy viewing my not too scary Halloween planner set up.