December Daily Dropout - Year 2

October 16 2019 – Amber Crowell

December Daily Dropout - Year 2
December Daily Dropout - Year 2

The Christmas season goes by in a flash and we are usually running, planning, decorating, baking and barely sleeping! There is so much to do as well as events and activities to attend and it would be wonderful if we could capture some of these wonderful memories to look back on. 

There are lots of daily scrapbook type options, like December Daily, but I’ve always had trouble keeping up. Sometimes finishing in February, sometimes not even finishing at all. So last year, I started decorating a little TN insert to use as a journal and it was so much easier to take along and write in during the holiday season. It took off A LOT of the pressure in an already stressful season. Here is what last year’s book looks like and you can see more photos of that one at this link: December Daily Drop Out!

This year, I decided to do the same thing but start EARLIER! I’ve got the whole book all ready to go. I don’t have all the pages decorated yet, because I don’t know how much I’m going to write each day. Will I need the whole 2 pages in the spread, or can I fit in 2 days, one per page? I’ve got all the numbers paper clipped in to have on hand come December, so all that I’ll need to do is stick down the number and write, then decorate. I can always finish up the decoration in January if I get too busy, but having the book ready to go way in advance, leaves me time to do other things (also in advance) so that I can really have the time and energy to enjoy the Christmas season and not fall asleep half way through Christmas Day because I was up all the night before wrapping!

This year’s version is simple yet, elegant. The simplicity of the design lends to the ease of upkeep. Country Christmas is the perfect collection for this. I usually LOVE to go overboard and add layers and clusters and as many stickers as I can fit on there, but I know from experience that I’ll never be able to finish 25 pages that are that complicated during such a busy month like December. The Country Christmas line has so many layers worked into the design that it’s quick and easy to make the pages look varied and intricate. 

Christmas Day is a bit more decorated, to set it apart from the rest of the days in the  book.

The cover was dolled up a bit with some pretty matching ribbon to highlight the red plaid paper and soft blue card. 

I covered the inside of the cover with a soft, pretty paper to hide the Kraft and then layered few stickers.


I’ve got a hack for you! I actually did this in my last Carpe Diem project, here. I wanted to have 2019 written, and since I was using the big Countdown die cuts for the pages, I was able to take some of the countdown stickers from the sticker tablet, the 20 and the 19 to make 2019. I also trimmed the ’tis the season’ die cut, to just say ‘season’. 


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I wish you all the best in your Christmas preparations and if you would like to follow my peaceful Christmas video series, be sure to follow me on YouTube, and don’t forget that the process video for this project will be up on Monday.


Happy Christmas planning!