DIY Craft Storage and Display Box

February 21 2019 – My Carpe Diem Admin

DIY Craft Storage and Display Box
DIY Craft Storage and Display Box

Hello creatives! Leah here with you today with a super fun tutorial on how to upcycle a Carpe Diem Planner packaging box into decorative and functional storage for your craft or planner supplies. How many of you have kept the pretty packaging your Carpe Diem planners and traveler’s notebooks came in? I have quite a few and I never throw them away because they are so cute and functional. I love to use them just as they are for little storage trays for my supplies when I am working on a project. I have been wanting to dress one up for a while and since I’m working on setting up my new craft space, this felt like the perfect time to give it a whirl. Of course, I turned the camera on so I could share the process with you.

I’m not sure how much the packaging boxes differ in size with each size planner, but for this tutorial, I am using the box for an A5 planner.

Editing this footage was a challenge because there was so much to share, and some trial and error. Even after whittling it down quite a bit, the video still ended up being nearly 20 minutes long. You may want to go grab a beverage and get cozy before hitting play on this one. ;)

I love that this box is not only providing storage now, but it’s also displaying the products right in front of me on my desk, which entices me to use them.

As you saw in the video, the pockets attached to the back of the box are really easy to make and switch out, so I definitely plan to do this again with whatever collection I work with next!

Here are some closer photos of the finished project and the different pieces.

You can rearrange the two separate pockets in any way you want to within or around the box, but the best part about these is how you can tuck them into your planner to take some of your supplies with you on-the-go.

Displaying some of my favorite products around me is something I have always done to motivate and inspire me to create whenever I’m in a creative rut. Now I can do that with this box and get the duel functionality of some added storage as well. The display box can easily lay down and looks just as cute as a tray. Because all of the pieces I made are flat, I can also throw some other supplies in there too if I want to move around to another part of the room or in the house.

I’m curious, what other ways have you all been using the packaging boxes that your Carpe Diem Planners came in? Tag me over on Instagram @sunny.leah to show me, and let me know if you give this tutorial a try! Until next time friends, happy creating!