Take Your TN Traveling

February 18 2019 – My Carpe Diem Admin

Take Your TN Traveling
Take Your TN Traveling

Hello, I’m Cara and I am addicted to travelling! I love a clean hotel room with a puffy white bed and it’s cute little tea and coffee bar. I love to visit new things and learn about new cultures. And I love getting away from the everyday to experience something new. I’m not home a week from one trip and I’m dreaming up the next. 

A Traveler’s Notebook is the perfect place to plan and document your travels, that’s what it was originally for! It’s in the name after all ;) Simple Stories' new Simple Vintage Traveler is a perfect pair to set up a Traveler’s Notebook just for travel. In it you could plan out your travels before you leave, house all your documents while you are away and even document all the fabulous sights you see.

I chose the Cream Dot TN and added some Black Speckle Washi and paper to make the pastel colours from the collection pop. 

I started with the pockets because it’s my favourite thing to decorate. I wrapped some washi on a card and added stickers, chipboard and die cuts in various sizes and shapes, sprinkled a few enamel dots (the new Spring Farmhouse dots match perfectly) and I love how it turned out.

I tucked that black speckle paper into the long back pocket, along with the Take Detours paper, added some ribbon trim and a tab and the pockets look fab!

I covered 3 TN inserts in papers from the collection and decorated those as well. I decided to keep the back 2 relatively flat with stickers, washi and die cuts only.

For the front insert, I also added some chipboard and enamel dots as I don't mind these bumpy items in the front.

I think my favourite bit is the dry-erase packing list that I made with one of the Layered Frames. I used a permanent waterproof pen to write the list and I can check it off with a dry erase marker. 

To make my TN the star of the show when I travel, I added lots of clips and tabs to the tops and sides, with extra hot glue so they’ll hold up in my carry on.

I also hot glued a chipboard hot air balloon and some ribbon to make a TN swag for the front cover.

If you’d like to see my process video, click here:

Travel TN Setup

Happy planning and happy travels!