Traveler's Notebook Dreams & Goals Journal

November 19 2018 – My Carpe Diem Admin

Traveler's Notebook Dreams & Goals Journal
Traveler's Notebook Dreams & Goals Journal

Hi, it’s Cara here today, for my very first post on the gorgeous new website! 

I’m completely addicted to setting myself goals and going after my dreams, so as we get closer to 2019, I’ve been thinking a lot about my year to come. I love setting myself goals and challenges for the year, to make it better than the year before. I wanted a place to keep track of all my dreams and ideas so then I could turn them into goals and projects. 

Traveller’s notebooks are so very versatile, they can be a lot more than just a planner, so I chose this gorgeous turquoise one to use for my dream and goals journal. I’m starting with just two inserts, but I can add many more as the year (years!) goes on and I can even remove the specific insert I’m using so that I can curl up in bed with a cup of tea and write, slipping it back in it’s elastics when I’m done.

What’s better than a pretty journal? A pretty, decorated, journal! I pulled out the Hello sticker tablet. This has to be my favourite collection with all those butterflies and flowers, all in my happy colours! It’s the perfect choice for my goal journal.

I divided the inserts up using tabs and covering them with the clear tabs. I’m expecting this book to get a lot of use. So it needs as much protection from getting dog-eared as possible. 

Each insert got a title page and each section did as well. I chose box stickers that reflected the theme of each section and decorated the pages using that one sticker as a starting point. 

Layering up smaller stickers and arranging things in clusters, along with good amounts of white space, allowed me to get a lot on a page without it looking cluttered or too busy. I’m hoping this will help my busy, cluttered brain sift through my ideas and dreams and get them down on paper in a way that will help them come true.

I loved lining up the flag stickers to add bunting across the tops of my pages.

I also created a section for books in the second insert, I used a 20 and a 19 from the Numbers sticker tablet to write 2019. 

I read a lot and I find that after finishing one on-fiction book, I race on to the next, not taking time to reflect or learn. I’m going to jot down ideas and lessons learned from non-fiction in one section of this insert.

I also LOVE a good story, so I plan to track the novels that I read in this insert as well.

You can follow along in my process video on my YouTube channel, and don’t forget that the new Carpe Diem shop has everything 20% off until the end of the month if you use the code CARA20 at the checkout. Grab yourself a nice pretty traveller's notebook and make your own Dreams and Goals journal.